Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My Photo

My Photo

I have a photograph. It was taken on my uncle's camera in 2011. A photo of us - Mum Dad and me. I am little, about 6. There we are , standing on our boat, full of rods fish and crays.
We had travelled up by my dad’s boat, sitting on the sort of soft dry blooded seat in the front of my dad’s ‘Senator boat’ to watch the sea and an island slip by. In front of us is an island Bare Island. On the right side of us there is 21 nautical miles of clear water, and to the left of us there is two big mountains with a wide water inlet, behind us is my dad’s 4 stroke motor  and a big peninsula to somewhere.   

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Palindrome Poem.

Speech to speaking
Great and inspiring
Voices on children
Inspiring and great
Speaking to speech


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Highland home camp photos

Highland Home Photographs LInk

This is the link to some of the Highland Home Camp Photographs.

Click on the link to view the photographs:  (You may have to wait a moment as there are a lot of photographs!!)
Select photographs to write about, one at a time.  You may have to download and save the photograph you want before putting it into your document

Photograph title goes here.
Writing here.  A MOMENT IN TIME
Write about a moment in present tense.
  • detailed adjectives and verbs.
This helps the reader imagine the activity in detail.
What I am doing
Your senses:
  • What I am feeling
  • What I can see
  • What I can  hear
  • What I can smell
Use a simile to help the reader understand the feelings you had while doing that activity.
Your overall opinion of the activity.  What you thought about it and who you think might enjoy it.
The cave

  • What I am feeling: The cold wet stalagmites dangling from the dark and damp roof.

  • What I can see: I can see to 20 meter high caves sitting waiting to be teared down.

  • What I can  hear: Rushing water sliding through the tiny crevices of the cave.

  • What I can smell: Wet rocks

The climbing wall
  • What I am feeling: I’m feeling excited.

  • What I can see: kids waiting excitedly to climb all the walls.

  • What I can  hear: Kids shouting in excitement and kids falling on the mat.
  • What I can smell: musty old climbing walls

The gorge walk

  • What I can smell: I can smell all the trees surrounding me

  • What I am feeling: Really tired and worn out.

  • What I can see: I can see a row of Kahikatea swaying in the wind.

  • What I can  hear: I can hear the bushes and trees and bushes rustling in the wind.
  • What I am feeling: the feel of the hard wooden guns kicking against my shoulder.
  • What I can see: Lucas lining up his gun,alex showing his score and kanye staring at the possum.

  • What I can  hear: The sound of the guns firing and hitting the target.

  • What I can smell: The dirty smell of the possum.
  • What I am feeling: The clipper stabbing into my paper.
  • What I can see: Kids running around trying to find the poles to clip their sheets.  

  • What I can  hear: Kids shouting out “I found it!”

  • What I can smell: The smell of the dry grass about to be mowed.

Friday, 8 April 2016


Opener Sentence

When we went caving it was dark, and we saw lots of cave wetas.
As we climbed up the bumpy track, we stopped to look at the look outs.
Before we went caving, we had to check that we had all our gear.

Serial Sentence

I bowled, Leo hit and Alex caught the ball.
I ran, lucas jumped, and craig through tom into the river.
Keira lined up the gun, leo shot, and alex jumped in fright.

Interrupter sentence.
The wetas clinged to the, cold wet, walls of the cave.
The cabins, hot and sticky, were small and dirty.
As we swim past the white cliffs, tall and strong, we wondered when it was going to fall.

Sentence Types
Ialt: Write an opener sentence that has a comma after a long introduction:
e.g   If we have to go rafting on the Mohaka river, today isn’t such a bad day for it.
Ialt: Write a sentence that has a serial pattern.
e.g  Somewhere a child sneezes, a tent flap rustles, and the sunlight streaks across the sky.

Ialt: Write a sentence using an interrupter pattern.
e.g We fly past white cliffs, tall and strong, formed decades ago.