Friday, 8 April 2016


Opener Sentence

When we went caving it was dark, and we saw lots of cave wetas.
As we climbed up the bumpy track, we stopped to look at the look outs.
Before we went caving, we had to check that we had all our gear.

Serial Sentence

I bowled, Leo hit and Alex caught the ball.
I ran, lucas jumped, and craig through tom into the river.
Keira lined up the gun, leo shot, and alex jumped in fright.

Interrupter sentence.
The wetas clinged to the, cold wet, walls of the cave.
The cabins, hot and sticky, were small and dirty.
As we swim past the white cliffs, tall and strong, we wondered when it was going to fall.

Sentence Types
Ialt: Write an opener sentence that has a comma after a long introduction:
e.g   If we have to go rafting on the Mohaka river, today isn’t such a bad day for it.
Ialt: Write a sentence that has a serial pattern.
e.g  Somewhere a child sneezes, a tent flap rustles, and the sunlight streaks across the sky.

Ialt: Write a sentence using an interrupter pattern.
e.g We fly past white cliffs, tall and strong, formed decades ago.


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